I've always been a fan of LOOKBOOK and find it such a huge inspiration for not only bloggers but, normal girls, boys, guys, women all over the world! For me the best bit is finding new designers that create awesome clothes, or simply being amazed by a top that someone thrifted or picked up for a £1! I have my own LOOKBOOK page, and am trying to make my pictures better and more inspiring rather than bad quality and un-interesting!
If you follow Valerie on Facebook then you'll probably have picked up the jist of my new adventure. Instead of doing a photo 365 (because I'd be useless at remembering!) I've decided to simply do a LOOKBOOK 365, where I delve deep into the popular/new/bizarre outfit posts people have uploaded and place my favourite of the day onto Valerie's facebook page. 
Interested in doing it yourself? Comment below and link me to your blog!

Peace out!

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