Had a spare 5 minutes so whipped up a basic, simplistic yet quite effective (I think?) banner/poster thing. It's our new FACEBOOK profile picture, what do you think? All thoughts welcome!

Anyway, today I spent my time trying to learn the whole progression of medicine through the ages. It definitely wasn't my forte! Also took a trip down memory lane through my Flickr page (Username: TheGiantess) and it made me realise how much I miss photography and I seriously need to get back into it. Camera is going to get a dust off, well actually a jolly good clean and get back in action! 

"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep reading re-reading the last one."



It's raining. It's cold. I'm exhausted and the idea of a photoshoot is something I'm not looking forward too! I'll probably get an awful lot of hate for this but, for me I love taking self portraits. If anyone else tries to take photographs of me, urgh I run. In fact the news were filming my local town streets the other day and I ran, 'cause I was that scared they'd catch me on camera. But a successful self portrait boosts my self esteem a little bit, and I need some confidence! 



Well firstly a quick and brief apology for the lack of posting and activity. Life got CRAZY. And I sadly had to back burn Valerie for a little while! But anyway, we've had some very exciting news today regarding A MAGAZINE PUBLICATION (*gasps and faints*) but, more info coming on that soon! Valerie has also been invited to join the new website lookmash.com and you can check us out here: http://www.lookmash.com/en/valerievintage

Anyway to keep you ticking over until my polka dot hotpants arrive (cue awesome photoshoot), here are some recent shots. I have been black & white altering most of my images because they just look awesome! So nothing that new for you, but trust me... there will be soon!!! Peace out folks!



That's right folks! Valerie Vintage is now a Boutique on ASOS Marketplace, so head on over and give us a cheeky little nosy and if you fancy it, click on the "FOLLOW" button for all the news of what's going on in store! Hope big things bloom from this, cannot explain my excitement! 




Anyone else seriously ready for some summer sun?! These past few weeks I've been rather humph, dumps, blurgh about life (hence the dreadful dedication to Valerie! Apologies!) and have come to the conclusion I have SAD disorder, though I'm telling myself that to try and perky perk up the smile! The skin is in dire need of some sunlight absorbing. So anyway, my Trashy Vintage delivery arrived a few days ago and I'm in LOVE with everything. All three necklaces and then the two far right rings were all from there and you can buy them yourself too here: http://stores.ebay.com/trashyvintage I can't stop wearing them and shall definitely be clashing gold and silver this summer. 
And also:



My fabulous new jewellery pieces arrived from Trashy Vintage today! I finally got around to spending my $50 voucher prize that I won practically a year ago and decided to re-vamp my ring bling! My favourite piece is my YSL style ring, same look and an awful lot cheaper!



Here's the latest round up of images for you girlies! The majority of these all seem to follow a "floaty" theme, whether it be maxi skirts or pretty dress which hints that obviously spring is on it's way and has nicely wedged itself into my sub-conscious mind! The pollen is starting to bud, not visibly but my allergies are picking up on it nicely! Antihistamines are out! Yes, that's another problem to my rather long health issues list. If you fancy a new spring skirt, then check out out MARKETPLACE as I recently listed a beautiful Jaeger blue/green wool midi which is thin, floaty and truly wonderful. There are also a dozen more pieces for sale too at bargain prices! 
Tempted to buy? Well 'cause it's a Leap Year here's a 10% discount code for you: LEAPYEAR10 valid until Sunday 4th evening.

LOOKBOOKER's (from top left to bottom right):
#1 Dina N




Had a bit of a change around in the Valerie photographing department. Am much happier with the newspaper background and filter effected images which are far better than just a plain white! All of my images are self-portraits and taken by me so unfortunately I can't really do "street-style" or more adventurous shoots as I just don't have the manpower. Any photographers in the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire want to work with me? Pop me a message! Back on the topic of clothing, I'm currently in the process of listing up a dozen new items for the store, along with also re-shooting the current stock. This leather skirt was a mere £3, and although I have to suck myself in and put it on over my shoulders rather than over my too-large hips I want to keep it! Both tops are in available now in the store and are absolute gems! Follow Valerie Vintage on Facebook HERE for discount! Here are a few compilations of images I took earlier, you'll probably spot them on our LOOKBOOK in the next day or two. I shall be posting again shortly as have got another round up of my LBOTD's to show you!



If you follow Valerie on Facebook/Lookbook/Chictopia etc you'll probably have seen this dress 
already. I picked it from COW Nottingham, which is my local vintage store after I spotted it hanging on the wall so effortlessly. Trying it on was a struggle, it's slightly too small but the prospect of losing a few pounds wasn't too bad. Well, a few months down the line I'm not sure whether I want to keep it so am considering selling it on to a fellow vintage lover! It's in perfect condition, with each individual lace scalloped edge, ribbon lines and pleated fabric panel being without fault. It truly is a beauty and I will be sad to see it go! If you're interested please e-mail me at hollyunwin@googlemail.com and give me an offer. If not it will be going up for sale in our store, though not sure whether I can bare to part with it yet so follow us on Facebook for updates! Size wise it's around an UK 8 though can provide measurements. Material is slightly sheer, lace and ribbon. 100% vintage beauty.



Humorous outfit post this evening. I felt like doing something a little on the crazy side. Whack a paintbrush in my hair, and bravo it stands on end! Spent a fair few minutes chuckling to myself about what people would think if I wore this out in public. They'd probably call the mental hospital...
I'm wearing my new favourite necklaces, one I picked up from This Charming Girl (which is featured in a post below) and the longer style is a black and gold baroque floral necklace I bought from the Loughborough Vintage Fair. Love them! A little update on our store, several new pieces will be going up for sale this weekend! Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and discount: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valerie-Vintage/128757933864432