A week ago I briefly posted about my LOOKBOOK 365 and for those of you that follow Valerie on Facebook you'll know that for quite possibly the first time in my life I've stuck out a project I set myself! It's been so inspiring carefully studying each look; whether it be of an amateur or professional standard, finding beautiful materials, quirky colours and jaw-dropping outfits has made each day of mine slightly more interesting than the previous. Above are my first 10 "LOOKBOOK of the Day's" and links to each individual wearer are posted below. They definitely deserve the credit! If you want to join in on the "LOOKBOOK of the Day" craze then use the hash tag: #LOOKBOOKoftheday on Twitter and message me/link me to any discoveries you make, I'd love to see this catch on!
As for Valerie herself, I'm about to begin photographing and listing 15 new items into our Marketplace, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

 LOOKBOOKER's (From Top left to bottom right):
#8: Katze.



  1. This is so cool! I can see new people's outfits. I hope I can be part of this :p

  2. You sure can! I love doing LBOTD's! <3


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