This past month has been insightful, crazy but yet incredibly amazing! Vintage selling is pure bliss and completing Valerie with a sister blog makes things even better. Stock comes in. Stock goes out. And the vicious circle of vintage continues; it's highly addictive and I'm definitely in love. I can officially say that I'm finally grasping the concept of not wanting to hoard all of the pieces to myself, despite how beautiful and unique they are. LOOKBOOK has become an important part of Valerie, receiving such lovely compliments, messages and opinions from other users makes me smile a little bit every day and I can't wait to see what the future holds. If you follow me on LOOKBOOK you'll probably have already seen the above two skirts (both available in my Marketplace). They're adorable, pleated and truly vintage! Currently waiting patiently for a perfect buyer to wear them with ultimate style this upcoming spring and summer. Could it be you?

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