Here's the latest round up of images for you girlies! The majority of these all seem to follow a "floaty" theme, whether it be maxi skirts or pretty dress which hints that obviously spring is on it's way and has nicely wedged itself into my sub-conscious mind! The pollen is starting to bud, not visibly but my allergies are picking up on it nicely! Antihistamines are out! Yes, that's another problem to my rather long health issues list. If you fancy a new spring skirt, then check out out MARKETPLACE as I recently listed a beautiful Jaeger blue/green wool midi which is thin, floaty and truly wonderful. There are also a dozen more pieces for sale too at bargain prices! 
Tempted to buy? Well 'cause it's a Leap Year here's a 10% discount code for you: LEAPYEAR10 valid until Sunday 4th evening.

LOOKBOOKER's (from top left to bottom right):
#1 Dina N


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